1 Cobb Terrace

c. 1915, c. 1990
Located slightly behind (east of), and facing the rear of, the house at 2 Cobb Terrace, this one-story, hip-roofed, Craftsman-style bungalow is two bays wide and triple-pile. It has plain weatherboards, one-over-one wood-sash windows, and an exterior brick chimney on the left (north) elevation. The three-light-over-two-panel door is sheltered by a one-bay-wide, shed-roofed porch supported by tapered wood posts on weatherboard-covered piers. A shed-roofed dormer centered on the façade has a louvered vent flanked by diamond-light windows. A gabled addition at the rear continues the main ridge of the roof. It has fiber cement siding, grouped vinyl slider windows, and basement-level French doors. A gabled screened porch projects from the left elevation and an unpainted wood deck spans the majority of the left elevation with a parking area and plywood-sheathed storage below the deck. There is a stone wall at the right (south) and a loose stone wall at the rear (east). The building appears on the 1915 Sanborn map. The rear wing was constructed before 1992.

In the 2015 survey, this was deemed a Contributing Building.

SOURCE: Heather Wagner Slane, National Register of Historic Places Nomination: Chapel Hill Historic District Boundary Increase and Additional Documentation, Orange County, OR1750 (Raleigh, NC: North Carolina State Historic Preservation Office, 2015), courtesy of the North Carolina State Historic Preservation Office.



1 Cobb Terrace