216-218 McCauley Street

NR nomination: Modern house with front-gabled roof, casement windows and vertical siding.

In the 1998 survey, this was deemed a Contributing Building.

2015 Survey Update: The one-and-a-half-story, front-gabled house is four bays wide with vertical wood sheathing, exposed purlins, and paired slider windows with transoms that follow the roofline at the second-floor level. Entrances are located at the center of the façade, each in a recessed entrance bay and separated by a solid wall that extends from the façade helping to support a one-story, front-gabled porch that is supported by columns on the outside corners. The porch roof continues, though shallower and wraps around the right (east) elevation, sheltering a wood deck accessed by paired sliding doors and wrapping around the right rear (northeast) corner of the house as a one-story, shed-roofed wing. The right elevation also features wood shingles at the second-floor level. On the left (west) elevation, there is an inset porch, sheltered by a pergola on columns, and a projecting gabled bay at the left rear (northwest) has grouped one-light French doors and transom windows that follow the gabled roofline. There is a projecting gabled bay on the rear (north) elevation with an exterior brick chimney centered in the gable. County tax records date the building to 1975. A prefabricated shed stands west of the building.

SOURCES: Kaye Graybeal, National Register of Historic Places Nomination: West Chapel Hill Historic District, Orange County OR1439 (Raleigh, NC: North Carolina State Historic Preservation Office, 1998); Heather Slane and Cheri Szcodronski, 2015 Survey Update (NCSHPO HPOWEB 2.0, accessed 10 Jan. 2020); courtesy of the North Carolina State Historic Preservation Office.



216-218 McCauley Street